Alexandra Aquilina - Illustrator & Screen Print Artist

Meet Alex

Hey! I’m Alex, a screen printer, artist and creative from Malta and now based in Berlin. I offer custom screen printing, illustrations and print workshops in the heart of Berlin. My work centres around Gen-X nostalgia, female icons, pop culture, religious imagery and cats...its all about the cats.

My Story

After studying Psychology and figuring I didn’t have the emotional capacity to deal with the stress of the job, I went on to study graphic design, where, on a self led history assignment, I discovered screen printing through music. I started out by printing funny tees and random stuff I would sew or build in the back of my parents garage and later on the kitchen table in my first apartment. Now I work out of a top notch rented studio space in the centre of Berlin with a bunch of awesome printers such as Edie and Merch or Die. As my business and skills grew I finally had the time and space to dedicate to what I call “art for art’s sake” and I’m currently working on my first solo exhibition at Muza (Malta’s National Museum of Fine Arts)

Fun facts about me

Zodiac: Pisces sun with Sagittarius Moon

Hobbies: cooking, sitting by the sea, napping

Fave snack: cold pizza

Coffee order: black as my soul

Early bird or night owl? Permanently exhausted pigeon



Moon Crystal Tarot

Alex is the creator of the Moon Crystal Tarot. The first and second editions of the Moon Crystal Tarot, were successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2018/2019. The deck is a culmination of 3 years of research and illustration and is inspired by Sailor Moon, Jungian archetypes and the A. E. Waite Tarot drawings of Pamela Coleman.


Environmental Responsibility

At ScreenGirl I try my utmost to maintain high standards and respect to other workers in the world and the environment. I do this in the following ways:

  • switching tshirt prints to organic cotton and/or fair trade textiles
  • using water based inks, avoiding additional chemicals to cure inks and not depositing ink into the water table when cleaning
  • recycling packaging when possible (and I encourage you to do the same)
  • using paper and recycled cardboard boxes and switching out bubble wrap mailers
  • selling damaged items at reduced price instead of disposing of them
  • paying extra fees during production to offset carbon footprint
  • producing small amounts of items to avoid excess stock. This means that although we want all sizes to be available all the time, its not always possible. So please hit us up if you can’t find your size!
  • not offering free returns. Please choose what you want to buy responsibly so we can avoid increasing our shipping carbon footprint.
  • donating profits from selected items to the Women's Rights Foundation in Malta
  • printing on recycled paper

As a result, the cost price of single items comes out quite expensive compared to products you buy from retail chains or websites which sell counterfeits and rip-offs. With small creators like myself, you are investing in the original work of an artist who is also trying her utmost to be eco-conscious. Thank you for browsing my shop and buying straight from the artist, every sale makes us do a happy dance.


Brands & Projects I support

Small Batch Design: For all your SEO needs

Electric Stitch: For custom embroidery

Driller Queens: For home improvement and general handiwork in Berlin

Women's Rights Foundation: Offering free legal advice to Maltese women in need

Berlin Ireland Pro Choice, Ciocia Basia and ASN: Supporting a woman's right to choice

Girl Gang Berlin: Connecting women and forming gangs

Polaris: For custom hats and bags with recycled materials

Poked by Monique: For hand poked tats in Malta.


External Links


2022 Witches and Bitches (August - September 2022, online exhibition by Sibling Collaborative, United Kingdom)

2022 New Era II (March 2022, Art number 23, Athens)

2021 Athens Open Art (July 2021, Art number 23, Athens)

2021 {v} (February - March 2021, Spazju Krettiv, Valletta)

2020 Protest & Protect (December 2020, Feminist Art Museum)

2020 Mini/Maxi Prints (November 2020 - March 2021, Galleri Heike Arndt DK, Berlin)

2020 Spread the Ink (September 2020, Desko, Valletta)

2020 Artna (Online Exhibition by Malta Community of Illustrators, Malta)

2020 20x20 (Christine X Art Gallery, Sliema)

2014 Malta Design Week (Fort St. Elmo, Valletta)

2014 St. Michael’s 25th Anniversary Exhibition (Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta)


2021 Scifi is For Real (Art zine, Stockholm)
2020 The Sunday Times of Malta (Interview, Malta)
2020 Gallerie Heike Ardnt DK (Feautured Artist, Berlin)
2020 Silk on Artpaper. (Interview, Malta)
2020 Indugle (Interview, Malta)
2015 Art Connect (Featured Artist, Berlin)